Sunday, 21 August 2011

You are incomparable

What should I do when looking at you
The inner most domain of my heart says,'' I love you''.
Your big dark eyes widen in disbelief
As you say ''I dont believe you''.
I turn taciturn when I see someone,
Comparing you to a mere lifeless, brainless, dummy doll.
The poor fella doesn't know you.
You are someone whom even scholars fail to describe.
You are someone who may, to a very small extent,
Be compared to the fragrance of a rose.
That can only be felt, never be explained.
I wish I could show you, ripping my heart apart,
How priceless & incomparable you are.
You may , to a very small extent,
Be likened to the sunshine in a wintry morning,
That spreads warmth to my heart

You may be the splash of rain
That gives new life to the thirsty world
Under the scorching sun in summer.
I picture your most innocuous look
As the droplets of water fall all around
From your wet hair, after the morning shower.
I remember your pouting lips ,
Resembling the soft petals  of a rose
Every time you  get  off-mood