Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Love & Rain

Same are love and rain,
As both help life sustain.
Happiness flows all around,
As they strike the ground.
One hits the ground of clay,
The other has the field of heart to play.
One difference I find,
I'll tell you if you do not mind.
Rain drenches only our body,
Love fills up our eyes,dear buddy.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I bid adieu to you

With heavy heart, I bid adieu to you,
As beautiful time evaporates like dew.
So many memories You retain,
Some came as boon,some as bane.
You showered me with appreciation and praise,
You offered life in a different paraphrase.
You also twisted my heart with pain,
Through which I had only to gain.
You acquainted me with the beauty of life,
You gave strength for all the struggle and the strife.
You offered life the most precious gift.
'Trust','Love' that had all gone adrift.
You made me laugh;you made me cry,
You changed my life,I can not deny.
Good bye to you,my sweetheart, 2011,
You'll forever be remembered as the tree of heaven.

p.s=This poem was written on 31st of december, 2011. But due to my earlier commitments to my job and other preoccupations,It could not be posted.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

You are my soul mate

Sweetness oozes through every pore of your face,
As innocence accentuates the beauty and the grace.
Your eyes remind me of a luminous,tranquil black pool,
With all the resplendence,you seized my heart to rule.
Everytime you glance at me on the sly,
My heart always yearns to fly.
Whenever the gust of wind flows your hair,
I feel my life to a be a dream, so rare.
Your presence sprinkles a whiff of seraphic fragrance,
And fantasy becomes the realm of my sole carte blanche.
"You are and you will forever remain my soul mate",
I mumble as I look at your winsome gait.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

You are like an elegant verse

You have tip-toed into my life like an elegant verse,
You have awakened my sleeping soul.
Before you, my life was God's most cruel farce,
You have taught me to fight till I reach my goal.

You have come into my life like a titanic wave of the sea,
Flooding all my senses ; compelling  to surrender.
Your soft, soothing voice makes me happy and glee,
As your simple touch makes me shine with splendor.

Your presence sprays the ethereal aroma of love
That transports me to the unforeseen world of romantic dreamland.
You inspire me to grow strong and never be a mourning dove.
As being with me forever is your only demand.

 Your reassuring smile settles all my grief and strife,
As you seem to be the sole pole star of my life.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I couldn't tell you ....

Surprised with a capital " S", I stood,
As you asked  , " why do you love me"?
Surprised was I , not with you, but with myself.
As words came to my throat ;
They couldn't find their way out of my quivering lips.
I wanted to tell you many things;
Yet I couldn't .
Your presence got me tongue-tied as always.
I couldn't tell you
As words fail to surpass the limitations of language
To delineate the subtle, intangible, ineffable human feelings.
I couldn't tell you
Your eyes and face radiate a sublime angelic aura,
Which, when set on me,
Makes me feel nonplussed,
Or rather, stupefied ;
At the same time, a joy-inexpressible-inundates
The entire entity of mine,
And gradually the whole world.
I couldn't divulge
Anything that is most beautiful,
Anything that is most invaluable,
Anything that is most amazing,
Anything that is most phenomenal,
Anything that is most marvelous ,
Anything that can be most sought after
is YOU
May be some other time,
May be some other evening,
Under the star studded sky
With bright, radiant, charming moon up above,
Sitting at the same place in the garden,
I'll speak my heart out to you.
I'll let you know how much priceless you are.
My existence without you would be like
A man within the grave, alive , awake,
Battling for life, tussling with utmost earnestness, 
To have the slightest glimpse
Of the beautiful face of yours,
With may be a tiny drop of tear
In your ever magnetic,alluring eyes'.

May be some other time,
May be some other evening,
I'll let you know....  .

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I wish you could ever realize.......

I wish  you could ever realize
How it felt  when you said,
You didn't love me anymore.
It was as if thousands of arrows pierced my chest,
And my heart broke the way a mirror would,
When dashed  to the ground .
The world appeared to enter
The abysmal absence of light and vitality.

I wish you could ever know,
How I, staring at the ceiling, kept awake,
night after night, thinking of you
Even long after you had gone away .

I wish you could ever know,
How I , burying my head into the side pillow,
kept sobbing through the night,
Thinking about you.

I wish you could ever know
How you, when I fell asleep,
Appeared in my dreams,
Only to scold me for loving you.

Tears roll down my cheeks
As I remember how we sat in the garden,
hand in hand, silent.
Amidst the chirping of birds,
Frequent shouting of children,
And humming of casual visitors around,
We were lost in our mute colloquy,
As silence became more vocal than speech.

I wish you could ever realize
How much this silence made me feel complete,
With the feeling of togetherness !
And how much I wished time to stop there,
Till eternity.

I wish you could ever realize
A broken heart never causes death,
It makes life far worse;
As it converts life into the ugliest nightmare,
The every millisecond of which
One has to live,
Wide awake,
In extreme agony and ache.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Glory Of Love

'Tis not always easy to love,
'Tis a feeling, you can never shove.
'Tis sweet; 'tis pure,
It enlightens you for sure.
Love is caring ; love is sharing,
Love is giving ; love is all pervading.
Love is sacred ; love is innocence,
Love is always the true benevolence.
Love is kindness; love is madness,
Love brings often a sheer sadness.
Love is country; love is nation,
Love is life's beautiful dictation.
Love is power ; love is might,
Love is free from all fright.
Love is nice; love is wonder,
Love  means always complete surrender.
Love is truth; love is trust,
Love makes you free from all disgust.
Love is you; love is me,
Love is always carefree.
Love is god; love is beauty,
Love is always  tranquillity.