Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I wish you could ever realize.......

I wish  you could ever realize
How it felt  when you said,
You didn't love me anymore.
It was as if thousands of arrows pierced my chest,
And my heart broke the way a mirror would,
When dashed  to the ground .
The world appeared to enter
The abysmal absence of light and vitality.

I wish you could ever know,
How I, staring at the ceiling, kept awake,
night after night, thinking of you
Even long after you had gone away .

I wish you could ever know,
How I , burying my head into the side pillow,
kept sobbing through the night,
Thinking about you.

I wish you could ever know
How you, when I fell asleep,
Appeared in my dreams,
Only to scold me for loving you.

Tears roll down my cheeks
As I remember how we sat in the garden,
hand in hand, silent.
Amidst the chirping of birds,
Frequent shouting of children,
And humming of casual visitors around,
We were lost in our mute colloquy,
As silence became more vocal than speech.

I wish you could ever realize
How much this silence made me feel complete,
With the feeling of togetherness !
And how much I wished time to stop there,
Till eternity.

I wish you could ever realize
A broken heart never causes death,
It makes life far worse;
As it converts life into the ugliest nightmare,
The every millisecond of which
One has to live,
Wide awake,
In extreme agony and ache.