Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Glory Of Love

'Tis not always easy to love,
'Tis a feeling, you can never shove.
'Tis sweet; 'tis pure,
It enlightens you for sure.
Love is caring ; love is sharing,
Love is giving ; love is all pervading.
Love is sacred ; love is innocence,
Love is always the true benevolence.
Love is kindness; love is madness,
Love brings often a sheer sadness.
Love is country; love is nation,
Love is life's beautiful dictation.
Love is power ; love is might,
Love is free from all fright.
Love is nice; love is wonder,
Love  means always complete surrender.
Love is truth; love is trust,
Love makes you free from all disgust.
Love is you; love is me,
Love is always carefree.
Love is god; love is beauty,
Love is always  tranquillity.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Should I wait ?

Should I wait?
Just as the blue firmament awaits
His beloved earth in the distant horizon?
Or I have to wait till I get wrinkled or wizen?
Should I wait
Just as the grass, through the night, awaits
The early morning dew
Or I have to wait
Till you understand my point of view.
Should I wait
Just as the birds await rain in midsummer?
Or I have to wait
Till you find me to be a comer?
Should I wait
As love transcends
All tangible boundaries of reason,
As it is everlasting, and knows no season.
Should I wait
Till the perdition takes over the entire universe?
Or the sweet, innocent, lass
wants me to bleed forever,
though dynasties pass??

Monday, 22 August 2011

Love is the sobriquet of pain

Whenever I strive to forget,
The memories you beget ;
A lump of grief climbs up my throat,
As tears in my eyes appear to float.
I sit with my head down,
but clutching my heart , my mind wants to frown .
Is loving you truly my fault?
Why do you say no, why do you give me such a jolt ?
It was you who, again, started talking ,
Were you playing with my emotions and just mocking ?
Tears in my eyes start raining down my cheeks,
While in my heart, it creates more shrieks.
I ask to God with all the pain ,
'' Why do you always have to give me all the strain ?
Why is it always me ?
And everybody else should go scotfree''?
God beams and says to me,
'' I gifted love that you yearned for thee'' .

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fractured Heart

A fractured heart never heals. Its like an injury left unattended forever.With every passing day, it appears to mitigate, but it doesn't. With the slightest prodding, it resurfaces again and makes one aware of its existence. And thus, this vicious cycle of pain, ache & misery continues.....


You are incomparable

What should I do when looking at you
The inner most domain of my heart says,'' I love you''.
Your big dark eyes widen in disbelief
As you say ''I dont believe you''.
I turn taciturn when I see someone,
Comparing you to a mere lifeless, brainless, dummy doll.
The poor fella doesn't know you.
You are someone whom even scholars fail to describe.
You are someone who may, to a very small extent,
Be compared to the fragrance of a rose.
That can only be felt, never be explained.
I wish I could show you, ripping my heart apart,
How priceless & incomparable you are.
You may , to a very small extent,
Be likened to the sunshine in a wintry morning,
That spreads warmth to my heart

You may be the splash of rain
That gives new life to the thirsty world
Under the scorching sun in summer.
I picture your most innocuous look
As the droplets of water fall all around
From your wet hair, after the morning shower.
I remember your pouting lips ,
Resembling the soft petals  of a rose
Every time you  get  off-mood

Friday, 19 August 2011

Your one single sight

Your one single sight
makes my day bright.
Your one single glare
makes my day far rare.
Your one single stare
makes my dream come true dear.
Your one single smile
makes my day a success file.
Your one single drop of tear
makes my day go waste sheer.
Your one single flying kiss
makes my day miss, ''miss''.

Willing to tell you something

Willing to tell you something,
If at all I may,
It is in my heart where you always stay.
Happiness for you is all I pray.

I wish You could ever know all my heart has to say.
If you have nothing to utter,
No regrets; nothing I want to mutter.
I'm all yours, I was and forever will be,
If you care to look around, you will always find me.