Sunday, 23 October 2011

You are like an elegant verse

You have tip-toed into my life like an elegant verse,
You have awakened my sleeping soul.
Before you, my life was God's most cruel farce,
You have taught me to fight till I reach my goal.

You have come into my life like a titanic wave of the sea,
Flooding all my senses ; compelling  to surrender.
Your soft, soothing voice makes me happy and glee,
As your simple touch makes me shine with splendor.

Your presence sprays the ethereal aroma of love
That transports me to the unforeseen world of romantic dreamland.
You inspire me to grow strong and never be a mourning dove.
As being with me forever is your only demand.

 Your reassuring smile settles all my grief and strife,
As you seem to be the sole pole star of my life.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I couldn't tell you ....

Surprised with a capital " S", I stood,
As you asked  , " why do you love me"?
Surprised was I , not with you, but with myself.
As words came to my throat ;
They couldn't find their way out of my quivering lips.
I wanted to tell you many things;
Yet I couldn't .
Your presence got me tongue-tied as always.
I couldn't tell you
As words fail to surpass the limitations of language
To delineate the subtle, intangible, ineffable human feelings.
I couldn't tell you
Your eyes and face radiate a sublime angelic aura,
Which, when set on me,
Makes me feel nonplussed,
Or rather, stupefied ;
At the same time, a joy-inexpressible-inundates
The entire entity of mine,
And gradually the whole world.
I couldn't divulge
Anything that is most beautiful,
Anything that is most invaluable,
Anything that is most amazing,
Anything that is most phenomenal,
Anything that is most marvelous ,
Anything that can be most sought after
is YOU
May be some other time,
May be some other evening,
Under the star studded sky
With bright, radiant, charming moon up above,
Sitting at the same place in the garden,
I'll speak my heart out to you.
I'll let you know how much priceless you are.
My existence without you would be like
A man within the grave, alive , awake,
Battling for life, tussling with utmost earnestness, 
To have the slightest glimpse
Of the beautiful face of yours,
With may be a tiny drop of tear
In your ever magnetic,alluring eyes'.

May be some other time,
May be some other evening,
I'll let you know....  .