Monday, 22 August 2011

Love is the sobriquet of pain

Whenever I strive to forget,
The memories you beget ;
A lump of grief climbs up my throat,
As tears in my eyes appear to float.
I sit with my head down,
but clutching my heart , my mind wants to frown .
Is loving you truly my fault?
Why do you say no, why do you give me such a jolt ?
It was you who, again, started talking ,
Were you playing with my emotions and just mocking ?
Tears in my eyes start raining down my cheeks,
While in my heart, it creates more shrieks.
I ask to God with all the pain ,
'' Why do you always have to give me all the strain ?
Why is it always me ?
And everybody else should go scotfree''?
God beams and says to me,
'' I gifted love that you yearned for thee'' .


  1. The heartache is coming thru so strong in this poem, it seems you must have had a broken heart at some time.

  2. Hi! Hope this is just a poem and not happened yet, this so painful.. But I like the way you delivered it! Meaningful one!:)

  3. It's really painful when trying to forget the sweet moment with a loved one.

    Well-written poem.

  4. Thank you, Balqis, for taking some time out and leaving your precious and nice comment.

  5. all your poems are beautiful but this one i relate to the most...

  6. Hi Dahlia, welcome to my blog. Thank you for your nice comment. Please keep visiting.

  7. "I gifted love that you yearned for thee"...fabulous!