Saturday, 27 August 2011

Should I wait ?

Should I wait?
Just as the blue firmament awaits
His beloved earth in the distant horizon?
Or I have to wait till I get wrinkled or wizen?
Should I wait
Just as the grass, through the night, awaits
The early morning dew
Or I have to wait
Till you understand my point of view.
Should I wait
Just as the birds await rain in midsummer?
Or I have to wait
Till you find me to be a comer?
Should I wait
As love transcends
All tangible boundaries of reason,
As it is everlasting, and knows no season.
Should I wait
Till the perdition takes over the entire universe?
Or the sweet, innocent, lass
wants me to bleed forever,
though dynasties pass??


  1. Great! This post is very romantic.. Every person or every human has a reason to wait in everything he/she wanted to have.. And maybe that was the best thing we can do... To wait till our turn will come..:)

    Keep it up!

  2. Waiting for someone to love or commit to us hurts like the dickens - especially if it never happens. Very nice poem Samrat!!

  3. Waiting pains the heart. It seems endless. But patience has the power to make one waits till getting what's desired.

    Very romantically written! Loved it. :)

  4. should I wait? I feel the strong emotions on it and the longing ... it is very romantic... truly loves it...

  5. waiting is devastating but for love it worth to do. lovely!

  6. Thank you again mr.inspector.

  7. I am falling in love to your blog.
    I ♥ your blog content.

    1. Hi, welcome to my blog. I feel extremely happy to have you here. Thank you for you comment.