Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Glory Of Love

'Tis not always easy to love,
'Tis a feeling, you can never shove.
'Tis sweet; 'tis pure,
It enlightens you for sure.
Love is caring ; love is sharing,
Love is giving ; love is all pervading.
Love is sacred ; love is innocence,
Love is always the true benevolence.
Love is kindness; love is madness,
Love brings often a sheer sadness.
Love is country; love is nation,
Love is life's beautiful dictation.
Love is power ; love is might,
Love is free from all fright.
Love is nice; love is wonder,
Love  means always complete surrender.
Love is truth; love is trust,
Love makes you free from all disgust.
Love is you; love is me,
Love is always carefree.
Love is god; love is beauty,
Love is always  tranquillity.


  1. Love is everything.. very nice poem. thank you Samrat, much love and peace to you:)

  2. I like the first two lines in this poem best - I guess because I've found some people in my life not easy to love and I've also loved people who didn't love back and had to learn it can't be shoved. I'm not going thru any drama like that now but I've sure had my share thru the years. I also liked several of the other lines like "Love is truth - love is trust" and "Love is kindness - love is madness" - great poem Sam!!

  3. Wow! Love is like a magic.. And has it all.. It's nice to feel love and be loved, had you??? Ok! Great friend!

  4. Thank you ever so much, Dang. Such comments always inspire me to do better.

  5. Love is a many splendored thing. You have said it all. Well-penned!

  6. beautiful expression. all you need is love - John Lennon :)

    keep coming :)

  7. Thank you mr.John for showering me with so much appreciation. Its truly so nice of you.